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Well, there is nothing new about the craze of saree in India. This has been the most favored dressing option of Indian women for centuries. The only change is in their style, prints, and designs. The boring six yards drape has got a glamorous makeover by the creative designer. They pay due attention to everything to draw an inspiration for creative saree designs.
Today popularity and craze for the sarees have crossed all the boundaries. Women from all across the world love to drape sarees at varied occasions. This has brought another change; the saree draping style.  When women from different parts of the world wear sarees, they use their own creativity and styles to make it look more glamorous. Bollywood actresses have also played a vital role in this.
They flaunt so many saree draping styles to make it look gorgeous. Following their footsteps, you can also add drama to your boring look by some changes in saree draping style. Here are 5 stylish ways to drape a saree to convert the boring piece of cloth into a glamorous silhouette. Whether you have fancy crepe sarees or digital print designer sarees, you can try these styles with every saree.
1. Accessorized Drape
Do you love to draw attention with your unique style? If yes, this is the perfect style for you. Just accessorize you saree with unusual accessories to be the center of attraction. You can do this with unique petticoat, belts, jackets etc. You can create a lasting impact by pairing a dhoti style saree with leggings or by teaming up a translucent saree with embellished petticoat.

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2. The Ghagra Drape
If you are bored of wearing the pre-stitched lehenga style sarees and want to try something different, the ghagra drape is perfect for you. You will need a nine yards saree for this. Make small pleats and tuck them all around your waist to make it look like a ghagra. You can style the pallu as per your choice and get a diva look in ethnic wear.

 The Ghagra Drape
3. The Dhoti Drape
When talking about dhoti drape, the first image that comes to mind is of Sonam Kapoor. She has popularized the style very well. The best part about this saree is that you can try this for any saree. This style looks amazing with printed silk sarees. This style is a great choice for the young girls who want to enjoy easy movement in the saree but without compromising on their style.

The Dhoti Drape
4. Butterfly style
This is one of the most favored saree draping styles of Bollywood divas. Different actresses opt for this style to flaunt their digital print designer sarees. One of the actresses seen this style wearing too often is Deepika Padukone. She gracefully flaunts her slim figure in butterfly style saree. Though this is almost similar to the normal saree draping style, you have to keep the pleats very thin to get the perfect look. Just make sure you pair this saree style with a sleeveless and short blouse to stylishly flaunt your midriff and curves.

Butterfly style
5. Saree with mirror work blouse
Are you a kanjivaram, silk or tussar designer sarees fan? Do you want to look stylish even in a simple kanjivaram saree? Take inspiration from Shilpa Shetty, who can add glamor to even a simple piece of cloth. Wear the designer tussar saree with a mirror work blouse to give an edge to otherwise simple saree. This not just adds beauty to your saree but also makes you look gorgeous and fashionable than anyone else in the party.

Saree with mirror work blouse
For a few saree is nothing more than a six yards drape while those who know the art of draping it in style can convert it into a sexy attire. You just need designer sarees to flaunt your curves. If you are looking for rich and elegant sarees, just browse the collection at Aavarnaa. Here you get a huge assortment of sarees in latest prints, designs, colors and patterns.
So what is your pick for a drama infused look at the next party? 
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