Things Every Girl Thinks While Shopping

There are too many things that run through a girl’s mind when she goes shopping. It’s usually a simpler affair for men and they don’t spend much time pondering over what to buy what not to. They just pick one and pay for it.But girls think real hard although they are so fond of shopping in general. This color or that, this style or that, whether the top will go with the pants or not, what if this shade looks too bold so on and so forth. Rarely do women buy on impulse. They first look for multiple options and then finally settle for the one they had initially started with. We’ve compiled a list of things which girls usually think about while deciding to buy or not to buy something-

Things Every Girl Thinks While Shopping

Do I look fat wearing this?

This thought has come across the minds of most girls for sure. To choose from skin fit clothes or somewhat oversized ones is difficult. The search for the perfect fit is a tough task. If you are on the heavier side, keep in mind not to choose too baggy clothes from head to toe. It does not help to cover the bulges, but rather gives an illusion of being heavier than one actually is.

Should I try some other store?

To select clothes from the current store or to go to some other shop for better choices always puzzles us. Sometimes there are size problems, at other times you may not like the colors available or even the price may be too high. However, with a large number of online stores blooming up, choice is just one click away. Selection ranging from women’s western clothing to traditional attire, all can be found under one website in most cases. And it’s easy to compare prices as well. Moreover, with suggestions available for similar dresses you’ve already viewd and color and size options in a single click, the task becomes a lot easier.

Which color should I go for?

With so many shades of the same color and even different colors of the same outfit available, the choice gets tougher. Almost when you are about to finalize a color, you may end up liking some other design more! Such a confusing world this is.

This dress is so similar to my friend’s one!

At least once in your life you’ve almost picked up something from the store which is way too similar to what your friend already owns. And you don’t want to look the same as she does. But these days, women specially opt for dresses which are similar to those of their friends’. Be it color coordinated or exactly the same, friendship takes over. Even if the dress you select matches with that of your friend, you can happily pick it up for your wardrobe.

With this top, I need to buy new jeans

You’ve liked a top or short kurti so much that you’ll buy it for sure. But to team it up, you don’t feel like you’ve got a great pair of jeans. The ones you own are not that good to go with what you’ve selected. Happens? An easy way out of this is to contrast. Not always we can and want to wear something which is well coordinated. To stand out from others, mix and match contrasts. Break the monotony and make your own style.

Should I go for another size of this one?

This size or that? It’s all in the mind mostly. But the questions still troubles us in deciding the best size to get the perfect look. Again, if the waist has a perfect fit, the thigh area may be loose. The top may need some more fitting or tucking. The search for the best fitting size is never ending.

This appears to be too expensive. Should I wait for the sale?

You’ve selected that perfect dress and want to add it to your wardrobe right away but the moment you see the pricetag, it just makes a hole in your pocket. Now you’re giving second thoughts and waiting for the price to drop during the sale, if there’s going to be one. There are various portals where you can buy party wear western clothes online at very reasonable prices. You do not have to think much whether they suit your budget or not as they are not pricey and meant to give the best of the looks to anyone who wears those.

Oh damn, she grabbed the dress I just liked!

You’re about to go pick a dress that caught your eye but alas, so random lady just picked it up before you could. Hurts a lot, we can feel you. You secretly wish that dress doesn’t fit the other woman so that you can get it back.

Will this top hide my tummy?

We always want to hide our flaws and selecting a top which does that work perfectly and also not making us look heavier is a big task. If you you have tummy area problems, do not go for too many layers. It does not really do the work of flattening your tummy, but rather makes it look heavier. Moreover, try to avoid horizontal striped dresses or tops. It gives an illusion of a broader figure. Try to opt for vertical striped clothing, if you want any. You can also wear tummy-tucker shapewear which are commonly available these days to give you the perfect shape for any kind of dress to enhance your curves.

I’ve got what I wanted, but wait. This one looks great as well.

Almost about to finish your shopping, but something else catches your eye which you are not really in need of. Then you keep on assuring yourself that this is the last thing you’re buying for today.

After going through the above mentioned things and such struggle, when you finally buy the best attire for you, it’s really going to suit you well. Just have confidence in yourself and surely you will rock your look. Make sure to pair up your clothing with the right women fashion accessories and footwear with a hint of makeup, if needed and there you go. Nothing and no one can stop you from being the show stealer.

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