7 Easy DIY Tutorials for Glamorous and Cute Hairstyles

Were you always the type to play around with all the different hairdos but never really nailed that intended look, or the person who tries to make time and style their hair ina number of different ways but with so many complicated steps you never really had the chance to perfect and finish it properly?

Well, all those bad hair days can be long forgotten!

We’re bringing you seven easy hair tutorials to rock up and glam those beautifullocks of hair. Because, these hairstyles are perfect for any occasion, and by that we mean any type of social gatherings that will have you looking your best – from weddings, special events to special dinner dates or just an ordinary day.

  1. Modern Messy Bun

Be the simple-but-stylish chic with this up do.
First, you need to pull your hair into a pony and keep any flyaways with your favorite headband to lock them neatly in place. Next step is to take the whole length of the pony into a bun and then securely wrap them with a band or bobby pins, if you have any. Try to lift your bun with the tail comb to even it out as this will add volume to the hairstyle.

Modern Messy Bun Hairstyle

2.  Easy Low Chignon
This easy chignon is achievable in 3 steps.

 Easy Low Chignon Hairstyles

First, you smooth your hair back and leave the tips of your ears present. Second, loosely twist around the sides of your hair and put it into a neat pony to keep it together. Third step is to fold them over the pony to form a simple low chignon at the back and stick some hair pins to hold it. And you’re done.

3. Faux Bob

Here’s a vintage faux bob for an elegant appeal.

7 Easy DIY Tutorials for Glamorous and Cute Hairstyles

Start by curling your hair to give it layers. Then, divide your hair into loose sections, put it into pigtails if you prefer. Take the end of a section and loosely twist it away from your face and pin them securely under your hair, right below the middle of your head. Just repeat the process for all the other sections until all of them are secured.

4.  Messy Fishtail Braid
Take a different spin on the classic fishtail braid.

7 Easy DIY Tutorials for Glamorous and Cute Hairstyles

Start with pulling your hair and braiding only the upper half part of your mane. Make sure it’s loose enough so that from there you’ll be able to take a couple of strands from the lower half and wrap them around the top part of the braid. Use bobby pins to keep them in place. From there, turn it into the traditional fishtail braid and tug a few strands loose to get your desired messy updo.

5. Half up Half down Waves

Show a bit of sophisticated class with this hairstyle.

7 Easy DIY Tutorials for Glamorous and Cute Hairstyles

First step is to tease the hair at the crown to give it some volume so it won’t appear as flat and then smoothen out the top for a neat look. Twist the side way across the back of your head and pin them in place, then twist the other side until you can tuck it in and pin them under the first one.

6. Fanned-Out Bun
Add a bit of graceful flair into your look and be a modern-day ballerina.

7 Easy DIY Tutorials for Glamorous and Cute Hairstyles

To start with, tie your hair up into a high ponytail and takethe end, turn it over the top until you can slot the end in between the pony and place it under the band holding the pony. Pull the end of the ponytail until it’s about half way through the hole. Once that’s done, make sure to pin the ends at the base to keep it neat and fan out your bun.

7. Bridal Hair

This style will make you feel like it’s your wedding day.

Take a small section of hair from the front of your hairline and form a Dutch braid.  As the braid reaches the top of your ears, begin a more regular braiding approach and tie it up with an elastic band at the end. All the excess hair should be then pulled into a low ponytail right at the nape of your neck so that you can easily wrap some strands back into the elastic band and achieve that elegant bun. Tuck away some loose strands and flyaways, add a bit of hairspray to keep it nice and neat.
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