Head to Toe: Best Beauty Buys You Need to Try

We all want to look amazing when we go in front of the mirror, but it shouldn’t cost a fortune to fix your face in the morning. Next time you need to boost your makeup routine with some new supplies, think about adding these super beauty saves, and make the most out of your beauty budget. 

Head to Toe Best Beauty Buys You Need to Try
Head to Toe Best Beauty Buys You Need to Try

Liquid Foundation
Gone are the days when liquid foundation was worn as a thick, solid mask across your face. Liquid foundation can be mixed, blended, and applied in a variety of ways, getting more bang for your buck. Start by mixing your liquid foundation with your favorite moisturizer, and apply as you would a tinted moisturizer. Next, use a small brush to apply foundation as a concealer on blemishes or spots. Finally, you can mix your foundation with a little sparkle and apply as a highlighter under your eyes, or even as eyeshadow.

Rosy Lip Gloss
Here’s another great beauty multitasker. A pretty, rosy lip gloss looks great on its own, for a natural lip look. It also looks great over a creamy or matte lipstick, especially when applied in the middle of your lips, adding dimension. But did you know you can also use a tiny touch of rosy lip gloss as a blush? Just apply a small amount on the tops of your cheekbones instead of spending on blush powder.

Brown Pencil Eyeliner
When it comes to making your eyes look great, start with a quality, brown, pencil eyeliner. Easier to use than liquid eyeliner, and softer than black, a brown pencil works well with every skin tone. Besides simply lining your eyes, try smudging the liner to achieve a more subtle, natural look. If your eyebrows are dark brown or black, you can even use the same pencil to fill them in.

Shimmering Highlighter
Sometimes you need a little extra glamour, and a shimmering highlighter can be the perfect touch. Choose a highlighter in either silver or gold, depending on your own skin tone. When possible, try a sample to find out which color works best on your skin. Use the highlighter sparingly in the daytime and more freely in your evening looks. Add a little sparkle to any place you want to appear bigger or more noticeable like cheekbones, above the eye, down your nose, on your collarbones, or even on legs.

To find all of these, check your local retailers like Target. Look for coupons online at places like discountrue.com, or shop during sales for extra savings. Adding these items to your makeup arsenal doesn’t have to be expensive, and can really take your beauty game to the next level. 

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