Health and Fitness Tips from Azhar Muhammad

Islam teaches its followers several etiquette’s of intake and living a healthy life. The Prophet created a degree of developing remarkably clean and healthy intake habits among his followers. With its wealthy bazaars and political and caravans streaming in from desert oases, it might are straightforward for a person of Muhammed’s stature to measure a lavish lifetime of extreme intake and unhealthy habit. however that’s off from what happened.

Health and Fitness Tips from Muhammad

1.Eat In Moderation

Prophet Muhammad stressed the follow of intake less to forestall illness and diseases, that is currently supported by doctors these days. The Muslim follow of intake suggests your abdomen ought to be stuffed by ⅓ of food, ⅓ liquid and ⅓ breath.

2. Eat Slow

It was narrated from the Prophet Muhammad was a robust advocate of intake slowly to assist with the digestion method. It takes concerning twenty minutes for the body to inform our brain that we tend to are full. Slow intake helps digest our food, as a result of expeditiously chewed food aids the digestion method and doesn’t need the maximum amount energy and churning within the abdomen or viscus.

3. Participate in Sports to Strengthen Your Body

In Islam, sports are perceived as necessary to realize a healthy body. Sports like sport, swimming, horseback riding are particularly inspired. Islam encourages exercise and be in sensible physical form. The Prophet aforesaid, “A sturdy believer is best and dearer to God than a weak believer, although in each is sweet.” The one UN agency is physically stronger is best before God as a result of they’re additional active and energetic within the performance of worship and taking care of the requirements of others.

4. Sleep and Salat (prayer)

The Prophet counseled adequate sleep. He ne’er underprivileged himself of sleep nor overslept. He conjointly suggested and practiced to sleep at the first a part of the night, and to rouse early within the morning. Science analysis shows that visiting bed early will facilitate maintain a healthy weight, keep additional productive, and avoid serious health issues (such as polygenic disorder, obesity, and heart diseases).

Salat is one among the 5 basic needs that a Muslim is obliged to perform. per a hadith (authentic narrations from the prophet), the Prophet has rumored to own aforesaid, “verily there’s a cure in salat”. There are some physical advantages in salah, like : within the starting of the salah, we tend to move our hand and shoulder muscles thus increasing the blood flow towards the body part. the guts within the most vital organ in our body. as a result of it provides recent blood to any or all body tissues, the movements throughout prayer are an important supply for exercise in our heart. sure positions makes our hips, elbows, knee and articulatio radiocarpea joints, and backbone move in an exceedingly means that forms a relation in our body.

5. Share foods 

Prophet Muhammad told his followers concerning the advantages of sharing as critical over-indulging within the treats in life. He said, “He isn’t a believer UN agency chuck to his full however his neighbor goes while not food.” Islam action sharing food with neighbors, friends and therefore the poor. This principle of moderation is due to the Prophet’s own life and ideas.

6. Foster a strong community 

The Prophet brought attention to muslims the importance of intake along. He aforesaid it’s crucial to eat food with family and romantic relationships and with youngsters to create a higher affiliation. individuals are sometimes relaxed once intake in company and brings harmony and understanding among individuals. He said, “Eat along and not on an individual basis, for the blessing is related to the corporate.”

Within the past twenty years, studies have shown that conscious intake will facilitate your cut back deadly sin and binge intake, change state and cut back BMI, deal with intake issues, and cut back anxious thoughts concerning your body and food.

7. Fasting

Recent proof has shown that the foods we tend to eat and temporal arrangement have wedged our health. fast was a follow that the Prophet would don’t simply throughout ramadan, but Monday, Thursday, and therefore the thirteenth, 14th, and fifteenth of each Muslim month. Intermittent fast has become progressively well-liked because it shows various advantages to the body. fast helps with weight loss, improves hypoglycemic agent sensitivity, quickens metabolism, curbs hunger, improves intake patterns, enhances brain operate, and boosts system.

8. Dental Hygiene

The Prophet would invariably brush his teeth before and when bed employing a a part of a bootless however fragrant branch known as liquor. This little wood branch was used, and continues to be used these days, as a toothbrush. Muhammad gave special attention to cleanliness and private hygiene in relevancy religion. analysis shows that poor dental hygiene were seventieth risk of heart diseases per a study known as Scottish Health Survey.

9. Drink water slowly


The Prophet aforesaid to not drink water in one gulp sort of a artiodactyl, instead take little sips. Today, science shows that once an individual drinks water an excessive amount of in an exceedingly short amount of your time they’ll imbalance blood solution levels and knowledge vertigo. Drink water slowly because it can facilitate your absorb the fluid and acquire the foremost out of it.

10. psychological state

The Prophet schooled his followers to own a peaceful mind although acceptance in life changes. He warned them to not be engulfed with anxiety, depression, or anger. ” a person aforesaid to the Prophet, ‘Give Maine recommendation.’ The Prophet aforesaid, ‘Do not get angry.’ the person asked repeatedly and therefore the Prophet answered whenever, ‘Do not get angry.’ ” Prophet Muhammad knew that if an individual managementled his anger he would be able to control everything else. that’s why the Prophet mentioned in another hadith (authentic narrations from the prophet), “The powerful man isn’t the one UN agency will wrestle, however the powerful man is that the one UN agency will management himself at the time of anger.” Anger opens the door to any or all unhealthy qualities and staying far from it opens the door to any or all sensible qualities. Health studies show that anger will raise your probabilities of a stroke, puts your heart at a larger risk, and weakens your system.

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