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Whether it’s your friend’s wedding or your child’s birthday, there is no other outfit which can make you look more beautiful than a traditional dress. There is no denying that they are a little uncomfortable to wear as compared to casual dresses, but the kind of oomph that gets added to your personality when you slip into a traditional dress is truly unmatched. The reason why many women find wearing a saree or a salwar kameez painful is because they are elaborate dresses and need the wearer to keep adjusting them all the time. This shouldn’t, however, coax you into thinking that you can never feel comfortable wearing these dresses. With time and practice they become easy to wear and carry.

How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? - Megha Shop

But if you have not been able to carry an Indian traditional outfit even after practice then you should probably switch to Kurtis. Kurtis is out-and-out glamorous and look extremely traditional. The USP of this dress is that you can flaunt a traditional as well as a chic look wearing one. Kurtis are a kind of dress that blends western clothing comfort and Indian elegance perfectly. So, they look casual and formal at the same time. Not all dresses possess this quality. Out of all the varieties of kurti available in the market, Short kurtis pull quite a lot of customers. Such kurtis can be teamed up with a pair of leggings, jeans or a long skirt. No matter, which out of these combinations you prefer, you are sure to attract envied glances from other women.
How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? - Megha Shop

So, don’t waste time wondering if you have the right body to carry off a kurti well. All Indian women look great in them. Even non-Indians manage to look pretty in this amazing dress. So, shoo away all your apprehensions and pick as many kurtis from the market as you feel like. Irrespective of your body type, you are going to look stunning in a kurti. Although, it’s you who knows what suits your body type best, it’s valuable for you to be aware of certain rules of thumb for picking the right kurti.
How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? - Megha Shop

The first thing you must consider is your body type. If you are sleek and slender, then any kurti will do fine on your body. However, you are a little overweight then choosing a long kurti would be the best bet. Many bulky people carry short kurtis well. But that rarely happens and you should avoid experimenting with yourself. Now, coming to height- both long and short kurtis make a tall woman look beautiful. But in case you are short, you should never slip into a long kurti. A short kurti will enhance your beauty more.  

How To Pick Your Kurti Wisely? - Megha Shop
You should also pick your kurti factoring in your complexion. Since, there are lots of kurti colours available these days, you may get tempted to choose colours that you prefer. But that’s not advisable. You should choose a colour that suits your complexion rather than choosing one that you like.  

Now, that you know how best to pick your kurti, there is no reason why you will go wrong. 
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