Indian Bridal Jewellery Guide – Jewellery Tips

A wedding is one of the most important occasions in a girl’s life and every bride wants to look her best on this special day. We put a lot of effort when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. However, when it comes to jewellery, not much attention is paid to it. This is where you go wrong. A bride is incomplete without jewellery. The perfect jewellery accentuates the whole outfit and enhances your look completely.
Indian Bridal Jewellery Guide - Jewellery Tips
When it comes to buying Jewellery Online, there are various factors that you must take into consideration, such as, face shape, the colour of your outfit, etc. The right jewellery will surely make you look like a royalty and help you feel immensely beautiful.
  • Choosing Jewellery according to your height
• Up to 5’4”
Necklace: While choosing the proper necklace, opt for something that creates an illusion of added height. For beautiful petite brides, neck pieces should either reach the breast level or must reach above the waist. Never go for something very heavy.
Earrings: The perfect earrings for you are the enthralling jhumkas or earrings with a set geometrical shape. This will complement your features and make you look stunning.
Bangles: Make sure you opt for thin bangles and less number of bangles.
• 5’4” – 5’7”
You can wear almost anything. Since you have no need to create a height illusion, you can go with necklaces of any length. However, if you are overweight, then it is best to avoid those pieces that reach the breast level.
You can try big earrings such as chandelier earrings or something funky.
If you choose a bracelet, go for something with more width. When it comes to bangles, there are no restrictions.

• Above 5’7”
Necklace: You can opt for a choker style necklace as they will highlight your collarbones and in turn enhance your features. The layered necklace is another best option for you.
Earrings: Choose long danglers.
Bangles: Don’t choose thin, delicate pieces. Apart from that, everything else will look great on you.
  • According to face type and skin tone
The first step is to identify your face shape. There are several online face shape calculators available to help you identify yours.
• Round-Shaped faceThe right kind of jewellery will add an edge to your face and will highlight your cheekbones.
Necklace: You must choose something that reaches below your neckline.
Earrings: Don’t choose round earrings. You can opt for earrings with geometrical patterns or teardrop earrings.
• Oval-Shaped Face
Your face shape is versatile, which gives you a liberty to experiment.
Necklace: You can go for necklaces of any length.
Earrings: From hoops to danglers, anything will look good. However, avoid extra-long earrings.
• Rectangular-shaped face
Necklace: Choker styled necklaces are perfect for you.
Earrings: Choose something round, soft and not very big. Avoid geometrically-shaped earrings.
• Heart-Shaped Face
Necklace: Short neck pieces or choker neck pieces will enhance your features.
Earrings: Opt for danglers or teardrops as they will make your face look longer and will not make your chin look sharper.
  • Skin Tone
When we say skin tone, we are not talking about being fair or dusky, but we are talking about warm-toned skin and cool-toned skin.
• Warm-Tone Skin
If the veins in your skin have a greenish hue and your skin has a golden shine to it, then you have a warm-toned skin. You must go for gold jewellery, kundan jewellery and rose gold jewellery.
• Cool-Tone Skin
If your veins have a bluish tint to them and your skin has a rosy sheen to it, then you have cool-skin tone. You must go with diamonds, platinum, white gold, silver and cubic zirconia.
• Other tips and tricks
• If you have broad shoulders, then you must avoid brooches or baju band.
• The colour of your jewellery must be uniform.
• The most important rule that one must follow is, if your outfit is heavy then your jewellery must be simple and vice versa.
• Your jewellery must not overlap one another.
• Don’t overload yourself with jewellery.
• Start planning Early.
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