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Yes, summer is almost around the corner – that’s a fact, but don’t get too excited about it in advance. There are many things you need to take care of before slipping into your brand new bikini, and your skin definitely should be your top priority. If you are not quite sure how to update and/or upgrade your beauty routine for an upcoming season, you are at the right place! Stay with us and learn how to let your face get the best from summer in these three simple steps.
Let Your Face Get the Best from Summer - Megha Shop

Apply sunscreen generously

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of sunscreen, especially when it comes to hot summer days when sun rays are at their peak. However, do not think that you will be just fine with only one coat of that magical cream – you will have to re-apply it every two hours or even more often if you plan on swimming a lot. When choosing a perfect sun block, make sure that it has both UVA and UVB protection. Of course, SPF 30 or even higher is more than welcome. This step is crucial when it comes to your summertime skin care, since sunscreen will prevent premature aging and keep your skin’s elasticity and fine texture much longer. Don’t forget to expand it downwards, to your neck and décolletage, since that area is most exposed to sun rays after your face.
Let Your Face Get the Best from Summer - Megha Shop

Exfoliate your way towards perfect tan

Even though it may seem unnecessary to ordinary people, every beauty-conscious girl knows that exfoliation is an essential step in skincare routine, particularly when summer is approaching. If you wonder why, here is the main reason – a gentle scrub successfully removes dead skin cells that have been piling up on its surface for months, thus uncovering the new, rejuvenated layer of skin below. As simple as that! This means that you will be able to tan much faster since all the rough parts will be dealt with properly. Everything will become much better once you smooth out your skin and make it look youthful again. Just make sure that you have chosen a gentle exfoliator, since rough ones can hurt your skin. These lacerations may not be visible to the human eye, but can cause damage to your body. Even homemade scrubs can do wonders for you!

Choose light makeup

If you are one of those girls who simply love makeup, we understand you completely! However, you will definitely need to adapt your routine to high temperatures in order to avoid smudging, running, and melting off. There are several crucial steps you need to know about – first of all, you will have to say goodbye to a foundation, since it can make your face look cakey and clog your pores, thus causing breakouts and other skin problems. You can always choose a tinted moisturizer instead – it still provides good coverage, while not feeling too heavy on your face. Apart from that, you should also choose light yet very powerful products that are perfect for summer. Get your perfect waterproof eye pencil byClarins Australia and you will surely look smokin’ hot at the beach, without having to fear that it will smudge and ruin your look. Combine it with waterproof mascara by the same brand and head straight to the beach!
Let Your Face Get the Best from Summer - Megha Shop

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to help your face stay protected while letting it get the best from summer. Just bear in mind all the above-mentioned tips and you will be just fine. These steps are truly essential for your summertime skincare and makeup routine, so try not to skip them and you will see an instant improvement!
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