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Women love to be trendsetters. And when it comes to matters of the mane, you do love to stay ahead of the hair envy curve; be it in the type of haircut you have, the coloring techniques or the way you style your hair. But it’s not always possible to spend hours in hair styling when you are on the move or when you’re late to school, work or an appointment. So we bring you quick outdoorsy hairstyles that you can perfect in a matter of minutes, perfect for women on the go


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Tired of wearing your hair down? With nothing more than your tail comb, rubber bands and a donut bun shaped accessory, here’s a very simple hairstyle that you could do in minutes and yet look professional and elegant. It’s perfect for everyday wear or for a night out or even business meetings.
Outdoorsy Hairstyles for Women on the move
  • §Start by pulling all your hair together on the back and use your tail comb to comb and neaten it out completely.
  • §  Pull all hair together and secure it with a rubber band making a high ponytail.
  • §  Put in the donut bun into the hair and cover the bun with hair by spreading it evenly around the donut bun. Use another rubber band to secure it.
  • §  Take the remainder of the hair and twirl it around your bun securing it neatly with a U-pin.
  • §  Use a hairspray to set it a bit and neaten it.

Here’s an easy video demonstration of the hairstyle for easy understanding.

You can also try different variations to these versatile buns by adding accessories, putting bows, hair bands, flowers, or jewelry to have more fun and to sport a different style every time.

Side part hairstyle

This is a really simple hairstyle and can be accomplished in a jiffy as this doesn’t take any over the top styling. Simply part your hair on the side and bring all your hair to one side over your shoulder. Brush it well with a paddle brush and secure the sides the other side with a bobby pin so the hair doesn’t move off to your back. This look can be perfected with a slight curling to provide that soft, loose wavy look. Do inner curling to bring nice waves onto the face.
Watch this video for a practical understanding of how it’s done.


Side parting is also a versatile styling and is great for any type of hair, short or long and sleek hair. You can show variations by keeping your tresses straight, curly, subtle waves, long waves, with bangs, color highlights or streaks for a slick and sassy finish. Wearing your hair in glossy, gorgeous curls parted to the side adds to your complete style, the waves providing volume and dimension providing you with the red hot red carpet look for a great many occasions: wedding receptions, vacations, office parties or a date!
Outdoorsy Hairstyles for Women on the move - Megha Shop
Braided Hairstyles
Braids are styles that never go out of fashion. It’s not an easy hairstyle to perfect but with a little precision and practice you will find yourself with a cute hairstyle. Braids are absolutely stunning, be it a fish tail braid, a three legged braid, messy braids or the French style and also one of the best styles to experiment with, a lot, especially when you do not have that extra five minutes I the morning to spare. No one will ever guess how simple it was to make, they are low maintenance and you’ll find yourself with a quirky and chic style.
Outdoorsy Hairstyles for Women on the move -
  • §  Let’s show you how to do a fishtail braid in a matter of minutes using rubber bands. Follow this step by step procedure and you’ll master the hairstyle in no time.
  • §  Comb your hair and do a side parting.
  • §  Now divide the hair into two sections. Now make a sub section for each of the two sections and bring it in to the other mains section. Keep repeating this until you reach end of the hair.
  • §  You basically need to keep braiding multiple strands using these sections.
  • §  Once you reach the end and secure your hair with rubber bands.
  • §  If you feel the braid is looking too thin, you can pull it sideways and loosen it to give a voluminous look.




Hairstyles amplify your overall style quotient and give your hair a fresh look every day. If you are also bored of flaunting plain jane hair and looking for quick hairstyles that look awesome but don’t take too long to make, this is the ultimate guide for you. So try out these stylish hairdos and up your summer fashion game. 
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