Popular Men’s Panty Online In 2016

If you are looking to find the best men’s panty, the online platform provides some exciting option for the New Year. Various websites offer trendy, high-quality designs at affordable prices. This blog looks at some of the options in the market that are making waves on the fashion and feel-good front.


These are the most conventional type of undergarments. Almost everyone has one or has had this one. They are both worn by women and men. The briefs are also used in sporting since they are capable of holding men’s genitals in a fixed position. For any website search under the men’s panty online category, you are likely to have 10/10 chance of getting them from every online vendor.


This is not popular among ordinary guys, and, therefore, you may not find many men’s panty online vendors with this type due to low demand. It is widely common in North America for sporting and cultural fashion wear. Specifically, it is designed for athletes. Hence, it has coined the name Athlete Supporter. It is designed for supporting male genitalia during sporting activities such as soccer, sprinting and high jump. The jockstrap has three pieces of elastic tights, one round the waist, and two go under the buttocks.

Board Shorts

This type is very popular among men, as perfect beachwear for swimming and surfing. Boardshorts are made of strong polyester or nylon material.  They are popular with watersports, and could hold up to wear with a surfboard because they are comfortable and have negligible weight. Every country with massive beaches has a good fortune. The increase in surfing activity and in-style selfies on surfboards, board shorts are definitely a good investment. Bonus: if you want something that does not expose your thighs and the lower torso, you should go for this one. This is the only panty of its kind you can get. Due to increased surfing active, the surf trunks, or the board shorts are likely to be popular beyond 2016, and every men’s panty online vendor has this one.

Boxer Briefs

It is a combination of some features of briefs and boxers, that is, long legs that are similar to boxer shorts, but tighter that are tight-fitting like briefs. In some countries like the UK and Australia, boxer briefs are commonly referred to as trunks. All men’s panty online vendors are likely to have them in their stores.


As the name itself suggests, this type of paints was in early stage designed for boxers. These days, however, they have become very popular among men. At least, 4 in every five men have worn boxer panty at one time or the other. From a design perspective, contrary to briefs, boxers are loose-fitting and give so much freedom. They are good for air regulation in the male genitals. Though males in boxing commonly used them, women also have joined the rest of men wearing them, especially as nightwear.
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