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Whether you are expecting or you have already given birth to a baby girl or boy, the clothes and makeup you wear need not be dull and old-fashioned just to suit the maternity needs. Yes, you can look both stylish and feel comfy in the maternity clothes. You do not need to look overdressed every time you leave the house, but a bit of dressing up never did no harm to anyone. What you need is something that will make you feel relaxed and self-confident.

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Forget about sweatpants and stained tees, you do not need to look exhausted and dirty just because you have kids. It is crucial for your self-esteem to embrace the new self and go for the new curve-loving clothes. Mum style never looked more versatile than today. If you still feel like wearing the tees and sweatpants, I suggest you consider ditching them for a tunic and leggings. These are as comfy as your previous choice but they are a lot more stylish. It does not matter if you are expecting a baby or you already have them, if you have a tummy you feel like covering so that it seems slimmer than it actually is, go for tunics and jeggings. These can be both elegant and sporty, it is up to you to mix and match them to reach the style you want. You can wear them at the playground and just add up a bit of jewellery and you are ready to go to a night event.

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If you want to get a slimming effect, choose black clothes. These are bound to have a slimming effect on your waist, and you will look classy, too! Black maternity dresses are a big yes. This colour will great on your radiant skin and it is great for combining a lot of accessories. My advice is to go for a statement necklace and if you feel like prepping up but still want to stay comfy, choose wedges. This year’s trends are all about the wedges and half-moon bags so you can combine the two to have a stylish outfit with your perfect little black dress.

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Your skin needs some quality care after all you have been through. Be sure to provide it with a lot of vitamins from food and to do peeling as well. You can choose some DIY facial masks to help you get the skin with a healthy glow. However, if you still feel that everything you do is just not good enough, you should Consider Visiting a Facial Rejuvenation Clinic. There is no better thing for your skin than to be treated by a professional who will know how to make it younger and healthier!

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Everyone is aware that you do not really have all the time you want to, so hair straightness and curling irons have been put into a drawer a couple of months ago and you do not even remember where they actually are. You are lucky! This year the trends suggest that you should opt for a natural look, so let your hair down and show your beach waves. Messy hair is trendy too so if you want to make a bun, be sure to make a messy one.
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Being a mom does not mean that you should forget about being stylish. It actually is all about recreating a new self that will feel comfortable and beautiful. Choose wisely the clothes which will raise your self-esteem and go for skin treatments that will make your skin younger and healthier. And let your natural waves fall down and make you the trendiest mum this season!

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