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If you are out shopping for wedding bands, you don’t just want any old band.  You want one made from a metal with great qualities and that is stylish to boot.  Depending on your personality, you may want a more traditional-looking ring, or you may want one that is a little bit out of the ordinary.  You can have custom-made tungsten rings, or even a custom-made ring set. 

Styles and Facts about Tungsten Wedding Bands

One of the more stylish and rare-looking rings is one made from black tungsten.  The ring is made of tungsten and then either polished to a deep dark gloss or coated with a black coating.  The coating is permanent and will not wear or chip.  The tungsten ring will maintain its strength and the integrity of the metal.

Popular Tungsten Styles for Wedding Bands
There are several different styles of rings that you can purchase when it comes to wedding bands for men.  Some include comfort fit rings, those with brushed layers, with inlaid diamonds or even flat bands.  If you are looking to purchase a wedding ring set, the ladies’ rings can be thinner and more contemporary, rings that have diamonds, moissanite, sapphires or rubies.  If you settle on a ring with gemstones in it, you need to ensure that the stones you select have a Mohs rating of 9.0 at the very least since they will need to hold up to the tension setting. 

Unfortunately, you will find some rings in the market that are indeed tungsten tension rings, but they have been made with stones that do not have this rating.  They come with aquamarine, topaz, cubic zirconia and the like.  Unfortunately, they tend to crack or shatter when placed in that tension setting. It is therefore in your best interest to make sure that you select a ring that has the right stone set in it. 

In the event that you are interested in Two-Tone Tungsten Wedding Bands, you should select a ring that has and inlay.  If you go with something plated such as a gold plated tungsten ring, you will soon be disappointed because the gold with wear quickly since you will be wearing the ring on a daily basis.

Misconceptions about Tungsten Rings
There are several misconceptions about tungsten rings that need to be set straight. Here are just a few:
·        There are those who say that in an accident, a tungsten ring cannot be removed and may lead to a finger amputation.  This is not true. The truth is that in the event of an accident, these may be the best rings to have on.  Seeing as they are so dense, they are not likely to injure or deform your finger.  Hospital staff know how to get a tungsten ring off your finger in the event of an accident.
·        A tungsten ring cannot have nickel in it.  This is also a myth.  Tungsten carbide rings often have a binder in them and nickel usually acts as the binder, primarily because many of the other binders can cause discoloration.
·        A tungsten ring only works for men.  The truth is that tungsten works for both men and women and looks fantastic on both men and women.

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