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Winter is quickly approaching, but just because you’re going to be covered up for warmth doesn’t mean that you have to lack on style. Thanks to the top men’s designers, these are the top 10 ways to stay on top of your fashion game while still being comfortable in your casual wear.

1. Fur

From Paul Smith to J.W. Anderson, fur coats were a staple on men’s runways this year. Bring this into your everyday wardrobe by choosing items like hoodies with faux fur lined hoods.

2. Leather Pants
Another item frequented in this season’s runway shows is leather pants, featured on both the J.W. Anderson and Maison Martin Margiela catwalks. A budget friendly alternative is pleather, which has been perfected in recent years to closely mimic real leather.

3. The Desert Boot
The desert style boot originated from the brand Clarks in the mid-19th century. The Desert Boot looks great with jeans as well as trousers and can be dressed up if necessary.
4. Long & Skinny Scarf
Scarves are a winter necessity, but thanks to Gucci, this year we say goodbye to chunky scarves and welcome long, thin scarves.

5. Oversized Coat

The oversized coats featured by Lanvin and Wooyoungmi are made with cashmere or alpaca wool, both of which come with a hefty price tag. Search for promos codes forCasual Male XL to find deals to match your budget.

6. Burgundy

Color choice is a simple way to stay on trend, and Valentino and Alexander McQueen can’t seem to get enough burgundy this season. Consider pairing a burgundy sweater with a classic pair of jeans and a desert boot.

7. Baggy Trouser

Skinny jeans have finally taken a leave of absence, opening a spot for baggy trousers, thanks to designers Ami and Lanvin. Baggy trousers look great with a sweater and white sneakers.

8. Leather Features
Many statements of this season revolve around leather and reinvention of popular rock star inspired pieces of the 1970s. If you prefer subtle statements, try leather or pleather features like leather pocket or collar.

9. Chukka Boots

The must-have boot of the season is the Chukka boot by Thom Browne. At over $400, this is a serious splurge, so look for coupons or promo deals online.

10. Fingerless Gloves

A fingerless glove follows that revamped rocker style brought back by J.W. Anderson and Gucci. You don’t even need to buy new gloves, just simply cut off the fingertips of last year’s gloves.

The best part of this season’s casual trends is that they are easily matched with the staple items you already own, making getting dressed in the morning the least stressful part of your day. 

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