Ways of Permanent Health and Wellness

The term “Health” and “Wellness” are often used interchangeably, but the meaning slightly differ from each other. If you believe in the health and wellness, then you need to remember acronym, “NEWSTART”. N – Nutrition, E – Exercise, W – Water, S – Sunshine, T – Temperature, A – fresh Air, R – Rest and T – Trust on Divine Power.
Ways of Permanent Health and Wellness
According to Thomas Edison, he has long back predicted that the future physicians and the doctors would not only base their treatments procedures on conventional drugs but also take the assistance of the preventive measures. As a result, these measures will act as a guarding factors against the diseases.
Now let us get started to the details of the acronym mentioned before.
l  Nutrition
The principles of nutrition defines what is to be consumed and what not. As stated in Genesis 1:29 of Bible, the best food for any organism is the plant-based materials. Many would argue that those consuming the plant-based diet don’t get enough nourishment.
But when the Homo Sapiens used to live on the banks of the Noah river, there was no presence of the animal-based diet. Still, they remained healthier and possessed great physique. All those who are vegans or vegetarians would argue to the fact that it is completely possible to continue on plants only.
Just to mention, the premier cause of cardio diseases results from the consumption of the animal based food and Low Density Level (LDL) cholesterol, form the meat and other similar sources. In a nutshell, if you stick to the natural foods or the plant-based diet, then you will remain disease-free for a long period.
l  Exercise
There were many researches conducted to prove that muscle exercise and brain exercise are required in equal measure. But they forget the fact that those who are involved in the activities like sitting at one place for hours are unable to do the muscle exercise. On the contrary, those who are involved in the field activity are mostly engaged in the muscle exercise.
It is very unlikely that your brain does not get exercise. This is because whenever you would be getting some deep thoughts and you would be straining your brain, the human brain will automatically get charged and exercised.
l  Water
The main purpose of water is to purify and cleanse the body. Water aids in the flushing of the toxins of your body. Additionally, the consumption of water in appropriate quantities helps in regulation of the osmotic pressure and human body temperatures.
At least, 8 glasses of water should be consumed for the proper regulation of the body and its functions.
l  Sunshine
The natural and best source of Vitamin D is Sun rays. While Vitamin D is responsible for the bone strengthening, the Vitamin D also contains the antioxidants which are responsible for reversing or nullifying the effects of the harmful Ozone radiations.
l  Temperance
The virtue of temperance is such that not many can stick to. There would be many who say that they are aware that Carbonated Drinks are unhealthy but they can’t stop its intake.
l  oxygen from fresh Air
Fresh air is an important and crucial for making the process of health and wellness more effective. For your information, the anaerobic respiration aids the growth of the Cancer cells and other such deadly diseases. When you treat any sick person, make sure that he has supply to fresh air.
l  what about Rest
If you are continuously into work, then you need to take extra care of this feature. Eight hours of sleep along with two hours of sleep before midnight is always recommended. Additionally, a brief nap of 30-minute would greatly enhance the health performance.
l  Trust in divine power
There are many people who have discovered that people who commune and have belief on Almighty tend to live eight years longer than the remaining ones.
Wrapping Up
The eight laws when followed sequentially would give you the therapeutic health benefits than ever. So follow them and remain fit and fine always.
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