10 Common Reasons Which Lead To Breakup !!

A popular magazine questioned over 1400 women who recently ended their relationship. The magazine polled women to find out the most common reasons which force a couple to part their ways. And you can also use this information to strengthen your bond and make it last longer.

#1 – We just fell out of love. (39.7% of respondents said they had experienced a breakup for this reason)

#2 – He cheated. (36.6 percent)

#3 – He lied about something, and I couldn’t trust him again. (29.3 percent)

#4 – We were always fighting and then realized that its time to move on (29.1 percent)

#5 – He stopped doing sweet, romantic things for me. (21.1 percent)

#6 – And, I missed being single and dating around. ( 21.1 percent)

#7 – He wasn’t very ambitious when it came to his career (20.6 percent).

#8 – We wanted to move on (20.2 percent)

#9 – He did not get along with my friends and family (18.9 percent)

#10 – The sex was bad. (15.7 percent)

Source – http://www.snoopfeed.com/
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