Choose a Mandala And Discover its Importance in Life.

What is Mandala?

Mandala comes from Sanskrit word “mandal” which means Circle. In Hinduism & Buddhism religion, it is a symbol of spiritual and ritual, which represents the universe.

In general, Mandala is a round shaped design or pattern. It has now become popular term for picture, diagram, chart or any geometric pattern.mandala

A mandala is far more than a simple shape or figure. It describe wholeness and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself. It reminds us of our relation to the the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds having a cosmic designs.

It describes both material and non-material realities and appears in all aspects of life such as we call earth, sun, and moon as celestial circles & friends, family, and community as conceptual circles.
So, having a Mandala is beneficial in both the reality.

What are the uses of Mandalas & its designs?

According to various spiritual traditions, Mandalas is been used as spiritual guidance tool focusing attention of practitioners and adepts, establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation and trance induction.

How does the Mandala Looks?

The basic form of most of the mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Each gate is designed in the general shape of a English letter T. Mandalas are often exhibiting the radial balance.

Mandala in Yoga –

Focusing on the designs during yoga practice calms the mind, shutting out the outside world and allowing the person to concentrate during meditation by contemplating the significance of the various shapes and colors, which helps to focus attention during meditation.

During the meditation, we can focus on the same mandala over and again and each time we will receive the new information and a fresh perspective on an original situation. It will open our mind to something entirely new that we hadn’t yet considered.
We can go with the different mandalas that relate to whatever mood and mindset we are in and with each meditation we will find new meaning & energy.

Each geometric figure within the mandala has symbolic significance –

SQUARE – stability and balance
STAR – spirituality and freedom
CIRCLE – wholeness, integrity, unity
Triangle pointed upward – aspirations toward the universal
Triangle pointed downward – aspirations toward the earthly

The Colors used in Mandala too have meanings –

RED – strength, high energy and passion
PINK – love, intuition and the feminine
ORANGE – creativity, transformation, self-awareness and intuition
YELLOW – learning, wisdom, laughter, power and happiness
GREEN – physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature and caring, growth & hope
BLUE – inner peace and meditation, protection & tranquility
PURPLE – all things spiritual
WHITE – spiritual focus, purity & unity
BLACK – mystery, deep thinking and individuality

How can we use Mandalas design?

There are many products having the mandala designs over it such as Mandala Tapestry, cushions & duvet covers, bags, t-shirts, tops, lowers & etc. Use mandala tapestry as bed sheet, bedspread, wall hangings, curtains, beach throw & more.

mandala tapestry

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